Over and above their standing as one of the best and most innovative groups from hip-hop's golden age, Mantronix provided rap music with its first man-machine, Kurtis Mantronik. A turntable…

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Blake Baxter

Perhaps the most underrated figure of Detroit techno's first wave, Blake Baxter began recording in the mid-'80s before Motor City mainstays like Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Presaging the influence…

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An early acid-house pioneer while still in his teens, Armando contributed several classics to the Chicago canon during the mid-'80s, including "Land of Confusion" and "100 of Dissin' You." Born…

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808 State


One of the only enduring bands to emerge from Manchester, England's acid house scene, 808 State create groundbreaking music and remixes. Paving the way for electronic outfits such as Underworld…

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In the world of electronic music, Kraftwerk are the kings across the water. Despite releasing no new material in over a decade, they continue to wield more influence than any…

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