Kawai K4r


The Kawai K4r is the rack-mount sibling of the K4 keyboard and it has all the features of the keyboard version except for the effect processor section (and the keyboard…

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Kawai K1m

The K1m is the table top module version of the K1 keyboard. It shares the same basic synth architecture as the K1, K1-II, K1r, and K1RII. The sound architecture of…

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Alesis Ion


Built on a 500 MIPS processor platform (500 million instructions per second), the ION offers continuously variable wave shapes, plus sync and FM synthesis. 16 filter types are included, along…

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Korg ES-1

The tribe's third initiate is the Electribe S (or ES1 to give it its shortened name) which, under the continuing collective slogan "The Cure for the Common Groove", aims to…

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Korg ER-1 mk II

The ER1 is a 6-voice programmable beatbox, unashamedly in the vintage Roland TR style -- maybe not in appearance, but definitely in concept and execution. Unusually, the percussion sounds are…

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Korg EA-1

The EA1 contains two independent programmable monosynths, with independent mono outputs and effects, while the {ln:Korg ER-1 mk II 'ER1 rhythm synth} is a 6-voice stereo beatbox offering two sample-based…

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