Orgue Electronique

Orgue Electronique

When Brian Chinetti aka Orgue Electronique heard Planet Rock for the first time on a local US airforce radio station he realized 1+1 = 1. The Jarre and Kraftwerk records his mother would play to make him play quietly with his toys, and this refreshing new music referred to as ‘electro’ was in essence the exact same thing: music made with synthesizers and drum computers. The urge to make electronic music was born. But kids have little alternatives when their monthly allowance isn’t sufficient. The desire to make music was forced to a hold after the local music store owner banned Chinetti because he had spend an entire vacation there, programming synths and drum computers. All he could do was lock himself up in his fathers garage, swap tapes with his friends and learn about electro, Italo and Chicago house through radio broadcasts.

Many years later Chinetti bought a Commodore Amiga computer from his friend Legowelt so he could finally start to translate all his listening experience into his own music. On what would turn out to be the last Unit Moebius live performance ever, Chinetti gave a demo tape to Guy Tavares, the owner of Bunker Records. Tavares invited Orgue Electronique to release his first solo record: “The Eye That Never Sleeps”, a collection of minimal electro-funk exercises which soon became a most searched for cult-hit. By that time Chinetti started to perform more and more, most of the time in the dirty brown squats of the Hague.

After two Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique releases on Bunker Records Chinetti met Luke Eargoggle and released another solo record, ‘Arcadia’ on Stilleben records. Legowelt and Orgue Electronique continued to team up on numerous occasions, not only invading the world with the new but already renowned Bunker Team, but also in the analogue SternStudio. Together they recorded several remixes and releases and later their collaboration became better known as Macho Cat Garage, who did releases on Viewlexx and Downlow.

Their latest alias, The Chicago Shags, was the next step for Orgue Electronique after his highly acclaimed solo EP ‘Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven’ (on Crème Organization). The TBH ep combined the various styles Chinetti has learned to master over the years: staccato electro-nic funk, sleazy italo disco finesse and Chi-town sexiness.

Meanwhile Chinetti has been playing live all over the world, inviting people to discover his soulful excursions into minimal funk, deep disco, melodic freestyle, electro-stiffness and Chicago swang.

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